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Monday, 04 May 2015 12:47

TCAF News Digest #1

Latest news and events in the April

Nihao fellow Liaos!

Today i will tell you what is going on in our community.

You will read about our achievement and fails.

Come on!

Important news are that i had already done integration of google translate into our forum. And now you can try to read all our topics which are usually in russian.

You can find switch for language tranlsation above the main forum menu.

I turned on two languages English and German. If you wish some other Language to be on just write me PM or catch me in TS.

note: Google tranlates 'mech' from russian like 'fur' :)


Next topic is final of CW beta.

By the end of CW our unit is on the 1st place all over the world with 85 planets captured. And we are the only one ru-community unit which is in faction top rating after the Battle for Tukayyid. Right now we have 243 members, and its cout will grow up.

I will show you some statistic about last Tukayyid event:

- maximum online in our teamspeak were 64 pilots
- average prime-time has 50 pilots
- average duration of prime-time was 2h 20min
- Sat, Sun, Thr - 5 full dropships were in event
- Mon, Tue, Wed - 4 full dropships were in event
- our teamspeak has been visited by 221 unique pilots
- 212 from this count were regulat TCAF members and 9 were Liao loyalists
- 88% of all TCAF members were on Tokayyid

I hope in next CW phase we still will be favourites.

Also we are participating in Majority league. AFAIK we are only one Liao unit and only one unit from ru-community. 

You can cheer for us on twitch here or here.

On first week we have won Ransom Corsairs unit with a score 2:1 and on secod week we lose :( Antares Scorpions with the score 1:2.

This epic battles you can watch on twitch or on our Youtube channel.

So i hope we can still reach a Semi-finals and Final and take one of the prize places.

See you on battlefield!

Join our unit, come into our teamspeak and play with us! And your hair will be soft and silky!

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