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Tuesday, 27 October 2015 14:20

Doctrine for Novice’

This is translation of our new article. It will help our recruits to figure out objectives with further development of our organization.

What our organization provides for you?

This is the main question every recruit ask himself/herself considering a unit to join. Wrongly chosen unit or spending time with wrong community may ruin your gaming, team and community experience preventing from revealing your own in game and team based gameplay potential.

Choosing the right Unit and setting right goals – you may develop your new talents which you didn’t know about.

People tend to strife towards success and comfort. Every gamer thirsts the victory and glory, publicity and acceptance. This is what TCAF may give you – this is why TCAF forges new positions where a raw material turns into well shaped diamonds.

Currently we are already well known big organization participating in CW and professional competitions. But we are not standing on the same place and continue further development of our organization. This is why we need new members, new ideas, new energy that you can bring to the table.

Every pilot matters, no mater of a status. Whether it is a commander or just signed up recruit you may be sure that you will get enough attention inside of your organization TCAF! Everyone fit in our community – whether it is funny piloting games after a difficult weekday once a week, concurring a planet in the global conflict, or a serious participation in leagues with daily training matches.

Let’s take a closer look at opportunities that are waiting for you in TCAF

  • We have a unique starting base in a form of training library on our forums – nicely written articles by our experienced members, tutorial videos and more. If you were not familiar with Battletech then in the library you will be able to find all information you need. This information will answer many of your questions and clarify hard to understand moments.
  • Suppose you don’t care of the Battletech universe, history, and the cannon – at this case you may simply start playing in our group. Our team is open for everyone.
  • MWO is a quite complex game from the first glance, and a recruit will always have questions. The answers may be found in our large library, but also ask our veterans online on TeamSpeak

As time goes and you will learn game mechanics, all mechs are bought, skills open, and all planets are captured what should we do next? TCAF has large field of activity


  • Experienced pilots help our new recruits. They found their own Lance for sharpening their skills in team based game. Some help us with translations (interpretations) of newly written articles, or organize tournaments and events, others write new articles, create TCAF themed art.
  • If you possess leadership skills and wish to lead us to the victory – try yourself as a commander. There are many loyal pilots in our organization, every evening we gather full Drop to sharpening discipline, strategies, and tactics. If you are a successful commander you may receive a promotion in our lines.
  • Any suggestions from our members are considered in our Military council by our Supreme officers – a viable suggestion will be executed. It is not difficult to become a Supreme Officer but this job is not for everyone. Show yourself, your skills and rise our Unit to another level.


What objectives must pursue a recruit of TCAF?

Objective 1 – team based gameplay

Be ready, the team based gameplay requires better piloting skills and team collaboration. There are many obstacles in the heat of battle but in a team there are far less of this problems. From the first time you may think that it is difficult to win, but being part of a team allow you to understand the MWO universe better.

It is easy to start – go to fan zone and ask anyone to accept you to the team.

Empty fan zone? Go to company division 

Remember when pilots are in heat of the battle they may not hear you. Please be courteous and wait till battle is over.

No spot in a group? You may wait or join another Company. Do not wait till someone invites you, take initiative in your own hands and make sure someone gets you.

Objective 2 – Victory

Keyword is the Victory, ie in in 55% + of battles

Chose a group with a commander, it is lesss likely to win a game without a commander.

Chose mechs recommended by your commander – they (commanders) think about you and their strategy, make use of yourself. Do not give unwanted suggestions, Supreme Commanders know better from god knows who but definitely not from recruits. 

Objective 3 - Play in Supreme Division

Cybersport – it explains everything.

Objective 4 – become a part of huge MWO universe

Play in team use TeamSpeak, learn the lore, participate in league of divisions, some time may pass by before you figure out what Battletech is about.

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