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CW Meter! (beta)


Name Invader Owner Capture progress

Рейтинг юнитов
(Units rating)

# Unit Planets Faction

Рейтинг фракций
(Factions rating)

# Faction Planets

CW statistic (beta version)

Welcome to the statistics page of factions and units.

Table rated units indicates the number of planets which unit have at the current moment.

Table rated factions indicated the current number of planets in each faction, in parentheses indicates the number of planets that faction gain or lose from the beginning of CW.

Above the table is an information about latest statistic's update and countdow timer of the attack ot cheasefire phase.

Hovering your mouse over the name of the unit will display the key planet which unit has captured.

Hovering your mouse over the faction icon - unit loyalty to different homes will be displayed as a percentage.

Units in unit table can be sort by the faction. To do this just click on the unit faction icon.

The script loads about 2MB of data, so on a slow connection can work in a few seconds.