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TCAF in English (about us)

Here is TCAF history in English.

Translation from Russian was made by our members Paul Gadling and Gonta Musosimaru.


TCAF is an organization, created to find and combine into a military-political bloc, Russian units and individual players playing for the Capellan Confederation.

In February 2013, Colonel CCAF Yesenin has created unit Kinkade's rangers. Initially, the unit was based on the site capellanconfederation.com. And was under the command of Western Lyaosit community. Over time, the unit began to come more and more people, in consequence of which it was decided to become an independent Russian-language units.

In June 2013 was the start of the restructuring program. Recovered new naming 1-st Tikonov Rangers. A number of measures aimed at broadening and strengthening of the internal structure.

September 10 a meeting of the Military Council of Unit, which announced the launch of the final stage of the reorganization - education TCAF. Leaders of the unit within six months to go to the event on September 18 - the completion of the reform project, TCAF birthday.

After the tragic events of January 2014, when most of the officers disappeared with jump-ship during the warp jump, Intelligence Service Maskorovka was appointed Chief of the General Gonta Musosimaru.

April 23, 2014 was amended charter of the organization and composition of the military council.

August 16, 2014 after the arrival of the officers from a secret mission, colonel Karzer has initiated the simplification and modernization of all unit structures by the danger of the Clans Invasion.

In real time TCAF has an active policy of attracting and training new players in MWO. (Write articles, fanfiction, fan-drawn art, advertising game underway and organizations in various forums and websites. Championships are held within the organization. At the time of publication is being prepared offline -activities.

Objectives of the organization:

• The main objective of TCAF, sharing enjoyment of the game and of communication, including in real life;
• Developing and strengthening the position in the gaming universe MWO;
• Finding and organizing adequate players in the friendly staff;
• Helping players and newcomers, including not part of the TCAF;
• Organization of various events.

TCAF basic laws:

1. Forbidden to disobey orders from a superior officer on the battlefield and in the forum .
2. Forbidden to insult members TCAF, as well as other people of the successor Houses of the Inner Sphere .
3. Forbidden to insult and change symbols and ideology TCAF.
4. Forbidden to go into company battles in state of extreme intoxication .
5. Mandatory colored mechs used within a camouflage. If you can not purchase a camouflage for real money , TCAF will try to help you.
6. Mandatory team game and training fights , at least once a week. (mandatory Wednesday and Saturday ) Must attend regular online . If for some reason you can not go more than a week in Teamspeak, this shall be reported to the leader TCAF. 3 - week absence without notice leads to exclusion from TCAF.
7. Availability of necessary programs and sound equipment for communication. (TeamSpeak 3 , headphone and microphone )
8. Permitted and rewarded initiative. All ideas should be discussed with the leader or the Military Council.
9. TCAF guarantees the assistance and protection of their fighter pilots .
10. In TCAF valued friendship , openness and mutual assistance .

How to Join

Recruiting in TCAF

Now the unit pays for each recruit nearly 10 million C-bills. Although it is virtual money behind them are man-hours of the real people game who made community. Therefore, we want recruits appreciated and respected the contribution of others. Now we do not send invites anyone anyhow, because we want to make sure that person stays with us and in the future will be useful. Therefore, to get the tag of the unit, you will need to meet several conditions:

1. Take contract for Liao

2. Come to us in Teamspeak, play and meet with commanders and representatives of different companies

3. Select a company to join.

4. Submit your info on the forum via registration form

After you select a company, and the company will pick you, we will pay for your entry into the unit and you will be proud to wear the tag [TCAF] in the game. At the end of phase CW company commanders, based on statistics, will present the award to the most active players.


MC will be paid at the end of the CW phase (~ 4 months) at the request of company commanders. The application must include a list of players submitted for the award. The list is based on game statistics Faction Pilots (Liao), which shows how a particular pilot was effective in CW.

TCAF Units and divisions.

1-st Tikonov Rangers 


The main TCAF unit, participated in leagues LMS, ISW, MRBC, MLMW, RHOD 

At the moment, the unit consists of two battalions and one special forces company:

Strike battalion

The battalion commander - Lieutenant Colonel Paul Gadling
Includes two companies:


The Falcons

company commander
Lieutenant Colonel Paul Gadling

Snow Leopards   

company commander
Captain Harbont


Hydra battalion


The battalion commander - Lieutenant Colonel Deditos
Includes two companies:



company commander
Major Dmitry801


companny commander
Major Zloi Strelok


Tigers - special forces company



Company commander - major Terminator20


Unit combat colors:



PRIMARY - KAHKI (allowed many similar shades of yellow) 
SECONDARY - OBSIDIAN BLACK (allowed many similar shades of black) 
TERTIARY - CADMIUM (allowed many similar shades of red)



Dai Da Chi (inactive)

House of Dai Da Chi known as the most militant of the military houses Capellan Confederation. Warriors strive for excellence in all aspects of the art of war and they are remarkable for thier devotion to heavy, grueling workout.
The founder of the house is colonel Dai DA Chi from the unit of the Red Lancers.

As an independent unit military house has its origins in 2298. In that year was obtained permission on the formation of two battalions of combat robots. Of all the houses of the Capellan Confederation only home Dai Da Chi was allowed to accumulate such an impressive force. The next milestone was the year of 3013, when was satisfied the home request to create their own aerospace forces. Starting in 3025 the unit home base became planets Nanjing and Drozan.

A characteristic feature of the house was a tactical commitment to the open exchange of blows, as opposed maneuverable struggles, and the destruction most of the enemy opposing  forces. House of Dai Da Chi attaches particular importance to the perfection of military skills, excluding the spiritual and philosophical side of workouts, typical for other military houses. Way of becoming Dai Da Chi warriors is the most severe of all those in the Confederacy and is characterized by the highest level of dropout recruits and frequent loss of humans life, which is comparable to the concept of training mech pilots adopted warriors of clans.

Currently, there is no mention of the involvement of home Dai Da Chi in the Fourth Succession War.


Unit combat colors:





Tikonov Amur Archers (inactive)


Unit created to combine Ural, Siberian and Far Eastern players.

Unit commander major Paul "Evil Archer"

Unit combat colors:





 Tikonov Blackwind Commandos (inactive)


Founded April 23, 2014. Division created strictly for emphasis on serious game. Welcome everyone who lacks the dictatorship and totalitarianism. 

Unit combat colors:

PRIMARY - OBSIDIAN BLACK (allowed any black) 
TERTIARY - CADMIUM (allowed any red color.)


Allies and politic information:

Liao house:

4TCR / 4th Tau Ceti Rangers (Orkdung's Hussars) 1SIL / 1st St. Ives Lancers HLG/ House Liao Gatekeepres ZZ/ ZhiZhu Merc Corporation

RL/ Red Lancers WHI - Warrior House Immara WHK - Warrior House Kamata WHM - Warrior House Ma Tsu Kai


Kurita house:

Russian Kuritan Unit RavenWood

The main enemy - Davion (Federated Suns) and Steiner (Lyran Commonwealth). In the future, in connection with the invasion of the clans will be created Second Star League, where we join with all the Great Houses to repel aggression.


Contact Us
Teamspeak: TIKONOV.TEAMSPEAK3.COM - always open to dialogue


Here is TCAF Lore history in English.

Translation from Russian was made by Karzer.


2177 - Tikonov planet colonized.


2243 - Tikonov Grand Union formed.


2310 - 1st and 3rd Tikonov Lancers formed. The former being a spiritual ancestor of the current 1st Tikonov Rangers.


2363 - 1st and 3rd Tikonov Lancers participate in a joint attack with the Capellans on a planet called Lee and are decimated in the process. The remainder of two formations form into Chesterton border guard.


2366 - Tikonov armed forces integrate into confederate army.


2388 - Chesterton border guard is reformed into 1st Ariana fusiliers.


20th August 3028 - The 4th succession war beings. At the beginning of armed conflict, 1st Ariana fusiliers were based on the planet Algol and thus took the brunt of the first wave of Steiner and associated mercenary forces. 1st Battalion decimated by Eridani Light Horse, the 2nd one fell prey to the 3rd Donegal guards in defensive battles across Algol urban centers. Over the course of 195 days of active engagements, the Ariana fusiliers lost 2/3rds of all their active equipment and personnel which led to low morale and disintegration of the formation’s esprit de corps.


3rd March 3029 - The remaining battered 3rd battalion officially pledges allegiance to Tikonov Free Republic, becoming the “1st Republican” BattleMech Regiment. Two companies of various strength and the majority of maintenance and support personnel desert the Chancellor in favor of Pavel Ridzik. However, moral corruption and low morale did not affect all of Tikonov’s finest.


5th March 3029 - 3rd company commander Sao-shao Svyatoslav Rizz, logistics coy commander Sao-wei Bao Novak and a number of former fusiliers successfully hijack a now Republican dropship hoping to escape to Capellan space. Once in orbit they manage to convince a Merchant class vessel to transport the loyalist to a confederation planet.


27th August 3029 - Mandatory and inevitable Maskirovka processing clears and reinstates all escaping personnel (overall one and a half company plus logistics and maintenance) to their former ranks in the CCAF. After a brief bureaucratic formalization, the unit is assigned “1st Tikonov Rangers” as their name. Due to small number of mechs, and the inherent distrust of all turncoats, Capellan command decided to tasks the newborn formation to combat pirates and other rogue elements on the periphery. Base of origin is assigned to planet Renown.


10th December 3029 - A pursuit of smugglers leads a small Ranger HQ element to planet Minnacora. Customary as it is, Sao-Shao Rizz is invited for a greeting visit by Mandrisse Orine Tao, the ruling noble in the system. By an unfortunate coincidence, an assassination attempt by a means of a hand grenade by unknown radical elements is made on Mandrissa during the visit. Svyatoslav, being a trained professional, covers the Mandrisse during the explosion sacrificing his life for the noble.


11th December 3029 - Sao-Shao position is handed over to Richard Song. Tao Noble House expressed their condolences and gratitude to the Rangers, posthumously awarding Svyatoslav Rizz with Liao Cluster of Conspicuous Heroism. This is 1st Tikonov’s first award in Capellan service.


23rd December 3029 - All 1st Tikonov elements are ordered to end their anti-piracy mission and move to planet Tsinghai to reinforce battered Preston's Lancers battalions. Preston was very surprised and unnerved by this order, since it literally meant that two understrength formations were being melted into one. The Rangers, being a smaller of the two, would lose their identity through reformation.


1st January 3030 - Right after arriving to Tsinghai, Rangers are ordered to fall back to Raballa, a planet to where last 12 Lancer were retreating. This time, 1st Tikonov command was officially informed that upon their link-up with the lancers, they are to relieve all independent action and form a new lancer battalion, just as Preston anticipated a week earlier. Hoping to preserve independence and control over his men, Sao-shao sends a pleading letter to Mandrisse Orine, asking to help secure 1st Tikonov’s formational independence in exchange of Richard operating in Tao family interests from then on.   


7th January 3030 - Fourth succession war ends.


16th January 3030 - Rangers arrive on Raballa, but remain in orbit citing “mechanical problems with the dropship”.  


18th January 3030 - After two days of nerve crushing orbital wait, Rangers finally receive a long awaited order to move to Minnacora from CCAF command. With his simultaneous promotion to Jiang-jun, Sao-Shao Richard realizes that the worst has passed and the 1st Tikonov is here to stay.  


10th December 3030 - Reinforced 1st Tikonov Rangers join the periphery guards.


13th September - Andurien secession begins with Canopian support. Rearmament slowed by logistical problems keep the 1st Tikonov on Minnacora until the end of November.


30th November 3030 - After an unacceptably long rearmament in addition to briefings and chaos, that always precedes military deployment, Tikonov’s Rangers arrive on planet Altorra with a mission to stop Canopian advance only to find no opposition. As it will later be known, Canopians were simply demonstrating their ability to attack and evade in any system at any time, hoping a show of force would scare the CCAF into submission. In any case there were 10 years of war ahead for the 1st Tikonov.  


3031 - In the opening four month of war Andurien forces achieved almost all of their operational objectives. During that time and for the following year the 1st Tikonov Rangers were aiding and reinforcing Kinkade’s Rangers on planet Repulse.


3032-3034 - The CCAF manages to slowly turn the tide in its favor, capitalizing on better equipment and larger military force.


3035 - The CCAF beings counter offensive operations against Magistracy and Andurien forces successfully returning all previously lost worlds in under a year.


20th March 3040 - Jiang-Jun Richard Song is deemed a “defeatist” in his viewing of capellan future based on Maskirovka intel and monitoring. Such conduct is deemed unworthy of Capellan military leadership and outright treacherous. It is unquestionable that past history of disobedience of CCAF orders during the fourth succession wars and informal relationships with Tao family played a part in establishing a defeatist mindset. After an inevitable death via shooting squad, the Maskirovka promotes their candidate, Timur Yesenin, to regimental leadership position.


22nd March 3040 - Jiang-jun Timur Esenin formally accepts his position.

3049-50 - The geopolitical situation around the Capellan confederation is very unstable, with frequent incidents involving live fire exchanged on Steiner borders with Donegal guards.


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